Atract Investment

Registered in Hong Kong, China, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Yatai International Holding Group is a diversified and innovative

enterprise that is cross-border, multi-field, industry-wide development, and Yatai Group was founded by Mr. Dylan She, a well-known overseas Chinese Leader in Southeast Asia, an overseas Chinese in Cambodia, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Mr. Dylan She is the legal representative and president of Yatai International Holdings Group, the vice president of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, the founder and president of Global Blockchain Application Research Foundation, the founder and president of the China Charitable Foundation, the founder and president of the Inter-Asia Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the executive vice chairman of GOBA Foundation, the honorary president of Philippine Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, the honorary president of The Hong Kong Myanmar-China Friendship Association, the honorary president and honorary consultant of Hunan General Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia,etc.

Yatai International Holding Group focuses on a variety of major projects, and actively participates in various social welfare charity. It currently has total assets of 3 billion US dollars and more than 3,500 employees. With advanced business philosophy, superb professional standards and excellent management team, driven by technological innovation, Yatai International Holdings Group is expanding towards three-dimensional direction of development!

At present it is building and running a variety of projects of integrated industries in real estate development, urban infrastructure planning and construction, air passenger and cargo transportation, civil airport investment and construction and operation, fresh water purification and sewage projects, building materials, food processing, large-scale spa and leisure clubs, cultural media, tourism, technology research and development, blockchain application and research in China mainland, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The current key projects is construction, development and management of Myanmar Ya Tai Swe Koke Ko Special Economic Zone.

YaTai City Intro

In January 2017, the group began to build asia-pacific city, a new Internet technology industry city in myanmar. The total planned area of asia-pacific city is 120,000,000 sqm, and the first phase covers an area of 866,666 sqm. Currently, about 500 million usd has been invested, and the total investment is 120000000 estimated to be 15 billion usd. It is a comprehensive international city integrating science and technology, culture, entertainment, tourism and modern agriculture. An administrative committee was set up in the asia-pacific city of myanmar to exercise unified leadership and management over the development zone. Enterprises entering the special zone enjoy preferential policies in terms of income tax and tariff, and are protected by myanmar's foreign investment law. With blockchain technology as the support and information industry as the pillar, the industrial zone will build blockchain special zone, science and technology city, Internet incubation base, industrial park and international financial and trade center, aiming to become myanmar's blockchain special zone within 5-10 years. YaTai City Location(Burma Thai border,Along the panasia high-speed rail line west)


It is 130 kilometers away from myanmar's second largest port - maotamian port. Asia Pacific city customs countries goods can be very convenient through the Indian Ocean to India, the Middle East and European countries.


It is close to the largest overland customs clearance port in Thailand and the second largest overland customs clearance port in myanmar.


It is only 15 kilometers away from mae sot international airport, about 20 minutes' drive. There are many international direct flights in China, and now there are 6 flights to and from Bangkok, Thailand every day.


总面积约25.5平方公里,以湖湾为景色绿心,形成中央环湖区商务区,是亚太城的经济发展中枢。包括 智慧云湖景观中心、CBD互联网金融区、商业商贸综合服务区、区块链金融区、商务总部区、东南亚硅谷、商住公寓区、湖心岛会所、沿水系休闲社交运动区、高尔夫射击场特色运动区等主要功能。







缅甸风光秀丽、气候宜人。位于其最低纬度的克伦邦地处热带季风气候,除山地 外,气候湿热,年降雨量约为 3000 毫米,雨水充足,植被生长周期短,拥有孕 育草食系动物的独到优势,同时这一气候条件也孕育了大片的森林植被,保存了 山川溪流。四周郁郁葱葱,使得克伦邦与地处非洲的热带雨林气候极为接近,具 备旅游度假的先决条件。


克伦邦位于缅甸东南面,以山地和平原为主,地势总体平坦开阔,偶有山脉,植 被覆盖率高。全区湖泊、河流星罗棋布,大小河流多条,其中流域面积在 1000 平方公里以上的湄河贯穿项目区,给该区的生态圈保证了充足的水源。

首都 奈比多(并不是仰光哦)
官方语言 缅甸语
宗教 上座部佛教
人口 5600万
人均GDP 6500美元(大陆是18110美元)
货币 缅元(MMK)
时区 UTC+06:30
行驶方向 靠右行驶
气候 20~30摄氏度